“I love the Sunshine Dance Centre because I get to be with my friends doing what I love most…dancing!” – Grace 11yrs

Kindy & Pre-school classes (3 to 4 yrs)

In these classes the children are taught the love and enjoyment of dance. The first class teaches the basics of classical dance with emphasis on musicality, creativity and posture. The second class teaches the beginnings of jazz and tap – they love the rhythm & beat!

butterwouldntmeltPre-primary R.A.D. / Tiny Tots A Class (5 to 6 yrs)

These classes are similar in structure to the Kindy and Preschool classes but with a little higher degree of difficulty. Children are encouraged to take the Tiny Tots A examination at the end of the year. The exam is a great goal to aim for and children love the excitement and enjoyment of this test. They gain a badge from Melbourne when they pass and a trophy in our end of year concert.

Royal Academy of Dancing (R.A.D.) Classical Classes

The R.A.D. is considered the highest quality of classical dance training in the world. It is recommended that all children wishing to dance well in any other form of dance, partake in these classes. Posture, grace and attention to detail are gained through the study of classical ballet. All children are encouraged to take exams as these provide goals. Exam children must attend two grade RAD classes per week. For exam children some extra lessons need to be taken just prior to the exams (usually July/August) and the second week of the June/July school holidays needs to be kept free for vacation classes.

Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing (C.S.T.D.) Theatrical Classes

Modern jazz and tap are taught in these classes and children may attend for enjoyment or as working toward examinations. Stretching and limbering is an important aspect of these classes. In the first grades of the CSTD theatrical syllabus the children are examined in jazz and tap only, but as their training continues a classical subject is added. Two classical classes per week in addition to the jazz and tap classes must be taken in order to be eligible for exam.

Tap Medal Classes

Tapping is a wonderful genre which aids in the musicality for all dance forms. Children who take the tap medal classes will see immediate improvements in their tapping. I encourage all children who have this class marked on their timetable to consider this class (other subjects must be taken if wishing to do exam).

Major Classical Ballet Examinations

These are prestigious exams for students committed to dance either as a performer or as a potential teacher. The quality of work required is very high but each student will grow greatly in elegance and classical technique. The classes commence following the Grade 5 RAD exam but may be taken earlier if wishing to improve in classical strength and technique. Pointe work is required as part of these exams. Students commence a demi-pointe class in preparation for pointe while completing their grade 5.

Contemporary Classes

We are very fortunate at the Sunshine Dance Centre to have well respected contemporary teacher Melissa Lanham with us. Melissa is sought after on the Sunshine Coast for her highly creative work. Contemporary work has increased in popularity and become part of the repertoire of most ballet companies. I recommend this class to all students Grade 4 RAD and higher as Melissa brings her vast experience to this class.


This is a fun mixed-age class where children combine elements of floor gymnastics with their dance technique. Cartwheels, walkovers, splits, balances are just some of the elements of acrobatics. All children participating in this class improve in strength and flexibility to aid their other class work. Children must already be participating in suitable ballet and jazz classes.

Adult Tap

sometimesIlaughEver wanted to learn to tap dance, then this is the class for you! Tapping is a fun way to make a lot of noise and get fit along the way. Come along and join us. Tuesdays 6 to 7 pm in Nambour only.

Eisteddfod classes

These classes are being offered free of charge for students already taking 3 or more classes per week. Dancing in all areas will be covered in these classes and items will be entered in the Sunshine Coast Eisteddfod (May), Redcliffe Eisteddfod (June) and Spring Dance Festival (Sept). Solos/duos/trios are only offered to those participating in group work. The Sunshine Dance Centre has consistently placed well at Eisteddfods over the last 17yrs. In 2011, we placed first in modern, slow modern, contemporary, song and dance, and acrobatics groups across several age groups. We have also had students achieving age champions, adjudicator’s encouragement awards, and soloists making the prestigious bursary performances.

Song and Dance

The Sunshine Dance Centre is renowned for high quality song and dance, and musical theatre training. This class acts to boost student’s confidence greatly while working to improve voice technique, breathing and note placement. Acting and musical theatre technique are also taught in this class. The class is split into two age groups with the senior class learning more advanced vocal techniques. Children must already be participating in suitable ballet, jazz and tap classes.

 Mark Brinkley’s Open Classical Class

This is a great opportunity for all major ballet students to work with an ex Australian Ballet dancer to improve classical ballet technique. Mark has been teaching at the Sunshine Dance Centre for the past 2 years and great improvement has been seen in students taking his classes. (Nambour only)

Karyn Clark’s Vocal Group

All senior song and dance students are welcome to work on improving their vocal technique with highly qualified Karyn Clark from QAVA (Qld Academy of Vocal Art). Karyn has recently joined the Sunshine Dance Centre team and already wonderful singing results have been achieved. (Nambour only)