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13 Years +

Senior & Advanced

Classical classes

Classical classes lay the foundation for all dance styles and enhances posture and the beautiful stretch through the legs and feet. Examinations provide yearly goals and classical classes are a prerequisite to all performance and examinations offered at the dance school. In our senior classes, students are encouraged to improve their technique, performance and musicality in this style.

Barre work, port de bras, adage, allegro and dances make up these classes. Pointe work usually commences from 12yrs of age depending on the student. Additional progressing ballet technique classes help to make our strong dancers enhancing leg and core strength.

Jazz and Tap classes

Senior/Advanced Jazz and Tap classes are offered to extend our students in these genres. Jazz classes involve stretching and strength exercises, kicks, leaps, turns as well as dance combinations. Tap teaches students the rhythm and beat. Barre work, centre exercises and tap combinations are taught in these classes. Our teachers have so much experience and knowledge to share with our students!

13 Years +

Song and Dance, Acrobatics

Singing has become a vital part of the preparation of today’s performer. Breathing, pitch, diction and expression are all part of these classes. Basic dialogues are also learnt from time to time and examinations are offered in theatrical performing arts.

Each year we produce a musical theatre production for these students so they get to experience the theatre and put together the full story of a well-known musical.

Acrobatics is beneficial in assisting with stretch and strength of the young dancer’s body. We cover everything from cartwheels and handstands to aerials and backhand springs and more.

Stretch and Strength and Contemporary

These classes go hand in hand on a Saturday morning. Contemporary training is very popular and requires experienced teachers to guide the students through this technique.
Examinations are offered for students taking this class and there are many performance opportunities if you wish.

Tech Extend and Aerial Lyra

These classes are taken by our wonderful Miss Sally-Anne! There are additional fees for both these classes. Come along and give them a try. You will love it!



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